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Growsan Ballasts are specially designed for open and closed greenhouses. Growsan Ballasts with protection degree of  IP54 are not easily affected by excessive humidity, water droplets and even water spilled on the ballast.

Growsan Ballasts have a closed current control circuit against all negative harmonic fluctuations that may occur in the electrical current originating from the network. The internal fuse on the ballast activates in dangerous situations such as voltage collapse or high voltage and cuts off the electricity, and by taking the ballast under protection, disasters that may cause bad consequences such as fire are prevented.


  • Aluminum Compact Body
  • Durable And Long Lasting
  • 3 Year Warranty

The thick aluminum outer casing absorbs the heat of the copper-wound coils in the ballast and expels it. This process prevents the coils from overheating and the ballast maintains its efficiency by continuing to operate at full capacity for many years. Growsan Ballasts are guaranteed for 3 years. 

The components in the ballast are protected with a resin filling system. Thanks to its thick aluminum outer casing and inner filling system, it is highly resistant to falling and impacts that may come from the outside. No crushing or bending.

  • Quiet Operation
  • 100% Performance in Lamps

Growsan Ballast works very quietly thanks to its fully closed case design. Sound is of utmost importance for indoor growth and is one of the most frequently complained about.

Thanks to its passive cooling feature, Growsan ballast operates at full efficiency and thanks to this feature, the lamps it operates exhibit 100% performance. It does not cause loss of light.

  •  Electromagnetic Field - Temperature And Positioning

Magnetic ballasts on the market create electromagnetic fields in multiple use and may create electromagnetic interference or radio frequency with some electronic products. Such formations can create undesirable disturbances in the environment. In Growsan Ballasts, this interaction never happens. Thanks to the resin filling and thick aluminum compact case, they do not create electromagnetic fields even when used side by side for multiple uses.

The aluminum case absorbs the heat of the copper wound coils inside and throws it out, and there is heat accumulation on the ballast surface, but this heat is passive heat and does not have a flammable effect even if you put paper on the ballast. 

Growsan Ballasts can be located in many places. It can be mounted to the desired location with 2 metal feet under the ballast, or it can be mounted to the convex and convex fuse rail. Or it can be put anywhere on the base. It is never flammable.

  • Internal Power Cable And Capacitor

There is 1 IEC 60320/C13 and 1 IEC 60320/C14 power socket on Growsan Ballast. The power supply cable (2 meters 3 x 1.5 mm thick) comes with ballast and its installation is very simple as plug / unplug. No cutting or peeling required.


Compatible with Growsan C Light Plus Reflector, Cooltube Reflector, Harvest Master Reflector and similar reflectors. Thanks to the IEC 60320/C13 female power socket on the Growsan Ballast, you can simply plug the reflector cable in/out. No cutting or peeling required.

German production capacitors are used in Growsan Ballasts.

Growsan Ballast 600W

3.250,00₺ Regular Price
2.925,00₺Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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